About The Creator of Biospiritreality

A system for increasing your Clarity, Wellness, & Wisdom


Our signature system for Adults is 100% heart-oriented and Soul honoring. 

About Irmina (Rev Tutu)

Seasoned Transfigurative Healing Practitioner  

with Over 20 Years of Mentoring and Facilitation Experience 

Ordained Metaphysical Minister

Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, B.Msc.

Holistic Healing Credentials include Certified Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Certified Transformation and Breath Coach, Crystal Therapy Healer, Aromatherapist, Energy Healing, and Healing with Arts | Reiki Master (Usui Reiki Shiki Ryoho)

Lifelong Sévité of Familial Spirits (Haitian Vodou)

Ritualist of Universal Traditions and a Folk Artist

African Traditional System (IFA, Vodoun, Akan Systems) Enthusiast

Wife to the one, den mother to many

Clearwater Wellness & Spiritual Counseling System


Biospiritreality™ is an earth-honoring creative and sacred arts system for personal transfiguration. It supports  sensitive free spirits who need to overcome years of exhaustion, overwhelm, fear, complacency, or sabotage as a result of social conditions. 

We are for those who want to get re-rooted in their own truth, reconnect with their Soul, build consistency in daily life, and build an evolutionary Soul honoring practice they can sustain.

Our system contains 3 phases: Rediscover, Reconnect, and Remember. 

Each phase focuses on a particular aspect of self-renewal: Clarity, Wellness, and Wisdom.

Phase 1: Rediscover 4 Clarity (Consultation)

Phase 2: Remember 4 Wellness (Weekly/Monthly sessions) 

Phase 3: Reconnect 4 Wisdom (Periodic connections)

You are encouraged to start with a reading and consultation to develop greater understanding of your inner values, needs, and personal power.

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