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Irmina (Rev Tutu) has combined five decades of creative arts, spiritual knowledge, ancestral wisdom, and wellness training into a system specifically for the empath, the sensitives, and free-spirited. 

Having sprung from Lakou Pechote and Montagne Noir in Haiti, educated, and worked in the US, her work reflects the need to find synchronicity and harmony in our lives.    

She supports those who struggle with the process of self-recreation. She offers a novel perspective for healing the wounds of shattered Souls and oftentimes resulting in unfulfilled lives. Her work is both mystical and practical. 

Her system, which she created in 2013, is matriarchal and deeply feminine. She helps others to understand the sacred feminine as non-reproducible and multiple. Her teaching includes lectures, books, storytelling, natural voice chanting, artwork, Kreyol dance rhythms of Rada, Ibo, Kongo, and Petro, universal sacred teaching, and modern metaphysics. Her work is infused with her love and understanding of biology, geology, modern health science, and Eastern philosophy. 

The first version of the Journeys System launched in 2013 offered a path for those who thirst for greater understanding of their inner truth, ancestral legacies, and new ways of being. Today the system is much more practical reserving the deeper knowledge for students with many years in spiritual practice. She also created a divination system to help her students and practitioners reestablish inner and outer harmony.  Irmina offers group services online and in person. All her work is exclusively designed to support those who are most sensitive and wise.

Today, she is building a  thriving community of kindred spirits and Insightful Journeys practitioners.

We invite you to take a look around her website and let us know if you have any questions. Schedule a session, sign up for a course or retreat, and/or join our community on Patreon.  

Be sure to check out our book Insightful Journeys on Amazon as well. 

We look forward to co-creating with you!


Credentials, Practices, & Disciplines

Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, B.Msc.

Ordained Minister

Council Elder, Path to the Sacred Heart 

Certified Transformation Coach

Certified Mindfulness Coach

Mentoring Girls Mentorship Program

Healing with the Arts Certificate

Anu Global Life Ministries Certs

Former Health and Wellness Director

Positive Psychology Certificate (UNC Chapel Hill)

Compassionate Inquiry Student 

Certified Yoga Nidra Instructor

Healing With the Arts (UF) Cert

Former Dancer/Performer

Folkways Apprenticeships 

Certified Breath Coach

Certified Crystal Therapy Healer

Reiki Master since 2016

Certified Aromatherapist

Studied Mind-Body Complementary Medicine with NIH

Undergraduate in Business and International Communication

Lifelong Sévité of Familial Spirits (Haitian Vodou)

Ritualist of Universal Traditions and a Folk-Artist

Lifelong student of African Epistemology

Herbalogist & Herbal Enthusiast

Keeper of Spirit Houses

Spiritual Life Stylist

Indie Author - Published 5 Books

Sacred Poet

Self taught artist

Our Mission


Consultative Reading

InnerSight™ Divination System


InnerSight™ consultative reading is a uniquely personalized reading based on cosmic principles or universal spiritual laws. It reveals intimate wisdom about your essential needs.

Many Sensitive Free Spirits suffer greatly as a result of compromising their own principles or committing subtle acts that violates and insults their Souls.  

Derived from a combination of cartomancy, numerology, and universally divine laws, my reading serves as a cosmic roadmap, giving you deep insights that supports how you navigate your life.

It is a compass rooted in the full spectrum (13 laws) perspective of your essential NEEDS and SOUL potentials. It's a system for those who want to be more authentic and true to themselves. 

In spiritual science language - it's a feminine divination system that embraces perennial indigenous views and  non-reproducibility. Simply put, it lets you glimpse into the sacred and divine principles which holds up your uniqueness and integrity. 

Its' a method for understanding and respecting your unique spiritual DNA  or legacy, your will to unfold your destiny, and the natural wholeness  which emanates from a divine universal Creator to you. It is a complimentary tool for healing, transformation, and growth for those  with uncommon or persistent problems conventional means have not  resolved. 

This consultative reading is available to new members and participants. 

This consultative reading is available to new members and participants.  


Preparation: 1 hour

Delivery: 2 hours

Follow-up: Client received Video if requested. Allow 2 weeks of session.

Via Zoom (online)

Performed by Rev Tutu

Monthly, Seasonally, and Annually

Creative and Sacred Journeys

Insightful Journeys™ is a creative and sacred arts system for personal growth and self-recreation. Our system includes workbook, journal, courses, seasonal workshops, and annual retreats. Our services and tools are designed exclusively to support those who often called "too sensitive" and "too free-spirited." 

Workbook, Journal, Courses, Workshops, & Retreats

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