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In the spirit of service, we offer a signature consultative system. A system to help you understand the driving forces which supports the real you, helps you set healthy boundaries, recover from stress, and develop healthier habits. 

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 1 and 2 hour appointments available

client experiences

Jada. - 1:1 Client

My Spirit led me to Irmina. I thought it had something to do with dance. Little did I know then, Irmina was chosen to support me with deep healing and transformative work.  We started with a reading session, for which I was provided specific insight into where I am on my journey and what would support me in moving forward. When I started with with Irmina, my health challenges were affecting my quality of life and I was feeling defeated. Through our sessions, I learned and embodied a much deeper meaning of holistic healing. I learned the real healing required was within and depended on me developing self-trust. What was unique for me with Irmina is that instead of just telling me what she knows intuitively, she taught me practices to follow my own intuition. Through our sessions, I established a deeper connection to Spirit, and I began to see results in my life. I would ask for support from Spirit and receive the support within 24 hours. Through our sessions, I found the root cause of my health challenges and took action on releasing what no longer served me so I could feel better.   Living in a world that conditions us to believe we need something outside of ourselves to solve our problems, I am so grateful to have met such an amazing being that is Irmina, a wealth of information on healing from within. My life is forever changed for the better and I highly recommend her services to anyone knowing there is a better life for them available and wondering how to make it happen. 

Cynthia- I:I Client

Although I had done a lot of spiritual work and experienced many shifts in my life, I acknowledged that there was some unknown obstacle blocking me from moving to my next level. After utilizing all the tools and skills that I had, I finally surrendered and reached out for support. SodoTutu was highly recommended by many in the spiritual community. I signed up for a Soul Consultation, and was quickly able to schedule an appointment. When I met with Irmina, she listened to me and heard me on many levels – physical and nonphysical. Using questions and through direct feedback, Irmina fully engaged me in the healing process. Pulling from her extensive knowledge base, Irmina was able to identify the block that had been holding me back. She crafted a customized process that supported me in gently releasing this obstacle. Today, I can report that I feel lighter and that the doors of my life have opened in new and unexpected ways. Through my work with SodoTutu, I was able to deepen my knowledge of my Self, unblock a deeply held soul imprint, and awaken to my next level of spiritual evolvement. I am immensely grateful for and honor the work of SodoTutu. 

JP - Sacred Dance Participant

I attended a dance workshop you did.... I was in a bad spot at the time -- being stalked by a coworker and also felt unable to set healthy boundaries with my partner, parents, etc. When I think of my healing  journey over the past decade/lifetime(s), your class is a stepping stone in my path. I know for myself as a coach, facilitator, ritualist, etc. sometimes the little things like one-time workshops don't seem as meaningful. Maybe that's not the case for you,  but regardless I wanted to pass along that your class supported me in a time when I really needed it, and helped me get more in touch with my body and gave me some new tools to continue my long and hard work of healing. 

Now I'm a somatic coach supporting my own clients in their healing journeys, and I feel so much love and gratitude for my path and everyone that supported me. So thank you.

Group Class

Lakeisha H. - Group Student

This course is assisting me with going within.  By being dedicated to my daily spiritual practice in a loving self-caring way .... I feel more grounded, I have enjoyed my quiet time with my own inner guidance and ancestors.  I have been changed in the way I think, move, check-in about everything and listen for the guidance and I trust what I hear!! I am still learning and opening my ears to hear more clearly and currently I see, feel and live this change!   

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This site offers Complementary Therapy and Sacred Healing Arts Services. It is not intended to replace Western medical care and advice.  Consults your physician before beginning any treatment or forms of physical activity.  In addition, spiritual counseling is for the treatment of spiritual and our etheric mind issues, it does not diagnose or treat clinical problems.  If there's suspected chemical imbalance, clinical issues, or other physical health concerns, please seek conventional healthcare providers who employ methods developed according to Western medical and scientific traditions.