Our goal is to support you in identifying and achieving your wellness and spiritual goals.

You can expect expert knowledge, wisdom counseling, and support through challenges from a compassionate healer and mentor. We partner to create a flexible plan that can assist you in overcoming obstacles, embracing stillness, and celebrating your victories. 

consultation sessions

basic flow

Each session is unique. There are aspects of your sessions which will be unique to you and cannot be duplicated. Still you can expect a flow which includes introductions, consultation, planning, and next steps.


  • Detailed and relevant explanation of each as appropriate
  • Questions

we circle back, plan ahead

lastly, we circle back to your reading. While its natural for these principles to resonate with you, questions do come up.  

Towards the end of your session, you determine short and long-term goals, and if desired also a plan for getting started.

wellness sessions

basic flow

Each session is unique and cannot be duplicated.

 Still you can expect a basic flow which includes a check in, healing session time, rest, & follow-up

healing session

check in

intuitive reading

Reiki (generally)

one or more energy healing modality

meditation | integration | rest



we always a few minutes at the end of your session to do a body scan and to reground

This simple practice of respecting the space in between each breath can make a huge difference in how we integrate our healing practices.



We addresses practical facets of your spiritual and wellness lifestyle practices including stress management and behavioral change. 

While no two sessions are alike, overtime, you will benefit from learning strategies for creating positive behavioral change that will lead to a healthier lifestyle.  Knowledge as entry points for creating more harmony and well-being. Lessons on stress management to reduce stress, improve creative, and improve focus.

When you are ready,

start with a complimentary strategy session or book your initial appointment

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