Yoga Nidra, Pathway to Calm group class studio

A place for when you want to stop excessive worry, stress, and begin to feel well again. Learn meditation and relaxation solutions that can help them feel more relaxed, focused, self-aware, and fulfilled.


@ Revolve Wellness Studios in Catonsville


Rediscover what complete relaxation feels like with a mind, body, and spirit group class or one-on-one sessions.

Group classes are $10 and up.

Individual sessions are $60 and up.

60 minutes group classes 

50 minutes private sessions online (all week)

50 minutes private sessions in person (Saturdays)


Yoga Nidra, Pathway to Calm private in person session room


What will I need to bring?

Just you and what you'll need to relax. To facilitate deep relaxation, the room is bare and free of distractions.  

What should I wear to class?         
We suggest wearing what helps you feel comfortable to lay down in. You will need to remove your shoes at the door, so you may want barefoot or wear socks.  Because temperature may wary, layers are good.       

What will I lay on in class?         
We have yoga mats, but you want wan to bring your own to lay on top of it for more cushion.  We also have a few blankets and props.  You can bring your own if you prefer.        

What will I cover my eyes with?

You know those eye pillows you love. You can bring one for yourself. For health reasons, we don't offer these... yet.

Can I bring my kids to class?         
If your child can sit for 45 minutes quietly. Otherwise, we recommend classes for children. I don't currently offer them yet. Please contact me if you have a need. With enough interest, I'll see what I can do. 



Certified Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness Instructor


20+ years facilitating classes


Support empaths, highly sensitive people, high potential, or creatives who struggle with anxiety, depression, and too much worry.

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