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Who are "sensitive free spirits?"

sensitives often describes themselves as  empaths, Highly Sensitive People, Introverts, Highly Potentials, artists, caretakers, creatives, creatrix, golden hearted, or just sensitive.

free spirits are fiercely independent people who need to live by their own inner compass. They have a unbending need inner deep self exploration. They often struggle to overcome self-doubt, compulsive, destructive, and de-constructive behaviors in a world which often seeks external validation.  

sensitive free spirit is unique because you are a  mix of very conservative and wild tendencies. You dislike social controls or restrictions that cannot honor your need for self-expression, inner harmony, and external security. 

Some of you may be struggling to define your unique values and principles

Some can get lost in a never-ending cycles of  experimentations

Some prefer to suffer in silence instead of seeking help from those who cannot honor their need for spiritual sovereignty.

As a sensitive free spirit seeks a place of refuge that preserves your uniqueness.

Clearwater Wellness & Spiritual Counseling was created with you in mind.  Here we offer a restful place that  supports, respects, and honors your need for energetic and spiritual freedom  & sovereignty.  

Explore Spiritual Counseling & Earth-Honoring Wellness

solutions for empowerment that respects your uniqueness and personal boundaries


Through our signature consultation, we help you tap into your own values, develop and set personal boundaries that honors your true self and divine mission.

support for self care that honors your heart's pace and natural inner rhythms


With periodic and regular sessions (weekly or monthly) get the support you need to say on course without interrupting your natural divine flow. 

encouragement throughout using a unique system (8Fs) for overcoming challenges


 Using our 8 practical actions tools, 4 Your Wellness, and for consistency,  practice integrating your new understanding in relationship with your external world.

come on in when you need a sanctuary for


Embrace focus without giving up your uniqueness. 


Declutter your mind and your space for increase focus on what matters most.


Understand process and divine timing, how and when to take right action. 


Learn to practice present-mindedness for memory retention


Become more action oriented without giving away your Soul or power


8Fs that supports you in being of service without becoming a servant.



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This site offers Complementary Therapy and Sacred Healing Arts Services. It is not intended to replace Western medical care and advice.  Consults your physician before beginning any treatment or forms of physical activity.  In addition, spiritual counseling is for the treatment of spiritual and our etheric mind issues, it does not diagnose or treat clinical problems.  If there's suspected chemical imbalance, clinical issues, or other physical health concerns, please seek conventional healthcare providers who employ methods developed according to Western medical and scientific traditions.